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   Lycée Kléber ranks among Strasbourg’s most highly regarded schools. Each year, we welcome nearly 2100 students, 900 of whom are enrolled in classes préparatoires, where they acquire the skills to enter France’s elite grandes écoles in commerce and engineering. At the secondary level, our students prepare the French baccalauréat diploma in Literature (L), Sciences (S), or Economic and Social Studies (ES).

   A strong tradition of excellence in the sciences is reflected in our well-equipped laboratories and in the significant number of students who choose to pursue the S track.

   Conscious of the need to instill greater international awareness in today’s youth, Lycée Kléber also offers “European” and “bilingual” curricula, providing the option of an enhanced focus on foreign languages and cultures, as well as numerous exchange programs with other European countries and China. Our foreign language classes are organized according to students’ level of proficiency.

   Thanks to the support of the Alsace Region, the Lycée has recently begun remodeling its facilities, starting with the complete renovation of one building and the construction of two new ones, P and R, which now house a state-of-the-art CDI (Information and Documentation Center), language and multimedia workstations, study rooms, and meeting spaces. Plans are underway for further remodeling, including the addition of a new cafeteria by 2013-2014.

   This website is designed to paint an accurate portrait of day-to-day life at Lycée Kléber. As you will see, our mission is to work closely with each and every student, at the secondary level and in the “classes préparatoires”; to provide support to those in difficulty while at the same time challenging the most gifted to reach new heights of achievement – in short, to bring out the best in everyone.

Sylvain LETHEUX, Proviseur of Lycée Kléber      



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